'Avra' is Greek for a light, pleasant breeze often related with the sea and summertime; it can also refer to a place of nice energy and ambiance. The name perfectly describes the restaurant, that serves the finest of Greek cuisine in a relaxing environment over looking the ocean. 

You can’t see the breeze, but you can feel the way it flows towards you. The mark making evokes the flow of a cool breeze on a warm summers day.

The materials of the restaurant collateral are warm and comforting, this helps create a brand that exudes a relaxed luxury feel. 

The illustrative wind forms were applied throughout the collateral. The luxurious leather meant the impressions from debossing really stood out, allowing you to feel the flow of the forms too. 
Brown Menu Detail
Paper Detail





The mark-making sits in harmony with the marbling of the table surfaces, where both ebb and flow like a gentle breeze through the restaurant. 





Main Menu Open
Menu Type





The variation in materials and formats add a unique personality to each menu. The typography is minimal, with lots of space allowing the words to breathe. 





Menus Outside
Drinks Menu Closed
Drinks Menu Open
Foil Detail
Interior 2
Cheque Presenter