Based in a magnificent Beaux Artes building that was initially the home of the Port of London Authority, the Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square is set to become a sophisticated landmark of London’s hotel sector. The hotel's identity needed to illustrate the building's beautiful lines as well as suggest its rich history.

Having researched the building's design history and viewing many of the archived drawings by architect Sir Edwin Cooper, we decided to commission architectural illustrator Thibaud Herem to create a large scale drawing of the buildings front elevation.

This drawing, cropped and detailed, combined with elegant period typography form the basis of the identity.

The hotel has opened to strong reviews and solid bookings.

We've produced over 100 individual pieces of collateral for the hotel, which beautifully enhance the guest experience from the concierge through to the rooms themselves.

Thibaud Herem's rendering of the external facade of the building is an accurate and incredibly detailed illustration of a beautifully designed building.
We've used the drawing across all the collateral, applying many of the architectural details such as ornamental borders and balustrades as counterpoints to the graphic design of the hotel's identity.
The rich history of the building and the area are peppered across the material with quotes from local identities of note including Samual Pepys and Geoffrey Chaucer.
The project included the design of a wide variety of objects, including this service door hanger.
The use of materials reflects the nautical history of the building, with the hanger created in brass and rope.
We heavily researched nautical knots and decided, finally on the Double Carrick!





The amazingly rich detaling of the building and the accurate architectural renedering creating an incredibly diverse series of artifacts for the hotel.









The history of the building is told throughout the touchpoints of the brand, creating a narrative that guests can connect with, stories they can tell their friends and a whole series of artefacts they can take with them when they leave.





Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square